Rural Media Company – Young Shoots

Young Shoots aims to provide access to a wide range of films that will amaze, challenge and inspire young people, opening new windows on the world and introducing them to different cultures and experiences. Cine literacy skills will enable them to analyse, discuss, understand and appreciate film, and practical film workshops will give them a means to express themselves and communicate through film-making.

Young Shoots will meet these aims by:

    • facilitating the setting up of sustainable film clubs at schools and youth clubs in the region


    • supporting film club leaders to encourage adventurous viewing choices, discussion and critical analysis and to maintain and grow audiences, through a series of monthly meetings


    • providing access to community film screenings and filmmaking workshops


    • providing filmmaking support and advice on using film in the curriculum for schools


    • setting up a network of film education providers and partners working with young people in the region


  • recruiting a panel of young people who will inform film education provision for their peer group in the region.
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