This page pulls together some of the available film resources for teachers/educators from across the UK. By “resources” we mean contextualised film clips, teachers notes, study guides etc which can be used across the curriculum and at all key stages.

We have also included some sites which include films made by teachers/educators and young people which we think are worth exploring. Whilst we have linked to these resources in good faith, Film: 21st Century Literacy are not able to vouch for their ongoing quality, and would advise eduation professionals to familiarise themselves with them thoroughly before using them with young people to ensure suitability.

Recently, we produced this essential guide for schools who want to deliver film activities in and out of the classroom. Using Film in Schools: A Practical Guide will help teachers and headteachers integrate filmmaking, watching and critical analysis across the curriculum.

This year we will be working on our resources bank, pulling together film resources that are already available to educators. Please note that there are problems with the top two links, but the others are working. Please bear with us as we grow and update our bank…

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