Media Education Association – Persistence of Vision

The Persistence of Vision Pilot Project will work to develop standards and progression in learning about animation. This will be a developmental, investigative project to establish much-needed benchmarks for media literacy in relation to animated films and filmmaking, and will demonstrate how media education can be embedded in the curriculum by being linked to teaching and learning about poetry.

The core activity of POV will be a training and advisory service for teachers of the 3-11 age range in partnership with three rural local authorities (LAs) in England through the academic year 2009-10. Approaches and techniques for teaching both animation and poetry will be modelled for selected teachers in each LA, who will then undertake to teach a minimum of three units of work during the year to the same classes of children, with ongoing support from the animation trainers and from the LA advisers. Based on this core activity, the main aim of POV will be to track the development of children’s conceptual understanding and their critical and creative skills in both media, together with teachers’ professional development needs, by focusing on one ‘case study’ school in each LA. The outcomes will be a publication offering accessible and practical guidance on teaching about animation, an online learning framework and a training package.

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