Film Agency for Wales Infrastructure Pilot

The Film Agency Wales Pilot Project is building an effective, sustainable infrastructure that will unify, promote and improve film education in Wales, creating and maintaining a dynamic film culture across Wales and developing our provision in the context of the UK-wide film education strategy Film: 21st Century Literacy.

This involves both filling important gaps in provision, getting better value from previous and existing projects and initiatives, and initiating complementary activities that extend the range of film education into previously unexplored areas.

The FAW Pilot Project is:

    • Assisting development and co-fund a range of film literacy focused projects across Wales.


    • Developing an online database of practitioners, education packs and materials, as created by the various initiatives that we support, for the use of third parties


    • Ensuring filmmakers who benefit from Agency production finance will provide materials that can be used for educational purposes, such as storyboards, shooting scripts, sample scenes and out-takes, production design and costume breakdowns


    • Devising and implementing an accredited professional development programme for both new and existing practitioners (within and outside of formal, curriculum based education) to standardise best practice and increase the quality of film education for children and young people


    • Increasing the number of film education practitioners in Wales


    • Creating a toolkit for teachers to encourage the use of film within the curriculum


    • Rolling out After School Film Clubs Wales-wide


    • Championing collaboration, creating and utilising partnerships and a network of practitioners to maximise provision and access for children and young people;
      Prioritising rural and community first or otherwise under provided areas, to ensure a genuinely Wales-wide impact and to contribute to regeneration benefits in those areas


    • Advocating for film education and its benefits


  • Seeking additional funds to underpin medium to long term plans to sustainably expand film education provision across Wales, without restricting provision by age (see ‘Long Term Aims’).
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