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Film: 21st Century Literacy is rooted in the belief that in the same way that we take for granted that society has a responsibility to help children to read and write – to use and enjoy words – we should take it for granted that we help children and young people to use, enjoy and understand moving images; not just to be technically capable but to be culturally literate too.

Britain already has what are probably some of the best film education initiatives in the world. However, for most young people, if they experience film education at all it is as isolated episodes that lack coherence and consistency. We want to move film education on from being a series of disconnected experiences to becoming an integral part of every young person’s life. The strategy set out in Film: 21st Century Literacy is the first step on the road.

Beginning with young people across the country, we want a society where a dynamic film and moving image culture is part of every citizen’s enjoyment. We won’t achieve that in five years or ten years, but if we start now, we may do it in a generation.



The Strategy is a three year project funded through a 750,000 UK Film Council lottery grant and delivered by Film Club, BFI, Skillset, Film Education and First Light. In its first phase, the Strategy aims to:-

CREATE a UK-wide network of key providers of film education to share best practice.
DEVELOP and sustain innovative activities for learning about film
DEVISE and implement a professional development programme for teachers and other film
education practitioners to raise standards of delivery and quality of engagement for children
and young people.
CREATE online resources to accompany every appropriate publicly funded British film.
DEVELOP online resources that give educational access to the UK’s film archives association with the UK Screen Heritage strategy).
BUILD a UK-wide network of school-based film clubs.


The five Leadership organisations that lead the strategy are:

Film Education provides teachers and colleges with powerful tools to help them in their work. As a result we hope to preserve and increase our national film culture by building a new generation of cinema-goers who also look beyond the major block busters to appreciate independent productions and world cinema.

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